We bank on your support for the October 26, 2022 City of Winnipeg Election (Click here for more Information)


While a lot has been accomplished in the past four years, there is still so much work to do in the interests of getting us back on track for growth and sustainability. We have seen the marginalization of many in our communities that have fostered the increase of homelessness, encampments and occupation of public spaces including bus shelters.
The COVID-19 pandemic has provided a spotlight that shines brightly on the need for cities to build sustainable communities that promote health and reduce the vulnerability to infectious diseases among their residents. Future urban planning efforts should not adopt a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, they should tailor the rebuilding process to meet the diverse needs of residents of lower and higher income neighbourhoods.
Specifically, rebuilding efforts should prioritize low-income neighbourhoods and remedy their high population density, construct more green spaces and improve their walkability.
I am committed to:

  • Increasing safety (including traffic safety) in our communities and neighbourhoods that allow children and seniors to access schools and amenities that are nearby.
  • Increasing opportunities of equity and inclusion for our diverse ethnocultural communities and marginalized communities.
  • Providing better value for dollar by fine-tuning the delivery of core services including 311 services to Winnipeggers
  • Promotion of Winnipeg as a tourism destination by ensuring Downtown and other areas are safe, clean, accessible and engaging.
  • Working with the Development Community and our Public Service to build complete communities that properly balance (not leverage) our environment and each unique eco-system;
  • Develop, nurture and cultivate positive relationships between City Hall, Broadway and the House of Commons – there is only 1 taxpayer!!!
  • A continued an open and accessible dialogue between residents and my office at City Hall.