We bank on your support for the October 26, 2022 City of Winnipeg Election (Click here for more Information)

St. Norbert – Seine River Deserves Better.

I would like to re-introduce myself and advise that I am seeking re-election for city council seat in the St Norbert – Seine River Ward.
As your neighbour I can proudly declare that I am a 25-year resident of River Park South and have worked tirelessly in and for this community. I have volunteered my time to coach children and youth, raised funds for infrastructure, and have provided meaningful input through volunteer board participation.
Over the last four years on council, I have elevated the level of communication, accessibility and transparency of my office in an effort to increase engagement between constituents and city hall.
I am committed to working side by side with my constituents and colleagues at city hall to advance growth for our community and city in a responsible, planned, and sustainable manner.
With your support, I will continue to work on priorities residents of this ward have identified through the campaign process. This includes:

  • Maintaining regular dialogue with residents while focusing on the needs of the community including road and infrastructure repair and renewal,
  • Building a more responsive transit system for our community,
  • Developing and supporting active community and active transportation strategies, and
  • Addressing community safety through the active engagement of the community in collaboration with the Winnipeg Police Service.

Together, we can continue to ensure St. Norbert – Seine River remains vibrant, welcoming and inclusive.

Your support of my campaign signifies your confidence in me to be a strong voice for the residents of St. Norbert – Seine River. For more additional information about me or my platform, please visit www.markuschambers.ca
I look forward to meeting you, speaking with you and earning your valued support.


When I was elected to serve the residents of St. Norbert – Seine River in October 2018, I was excited to bring my years of provincial experience and community involvement to City Hall. I was appointed the City’s deputy mayor and worked to bring collaboration and build concensus with my council colleagues. I was also appointed vice chair of the Human Rights Committee of Council where I worked to increase Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in our city. I was also tasked with being the vice chair of the Winnipeg Police Board to build trust and confidence between the community and policing.
No one would have anticipated the global COVID-19 pandemic which set the course for municipal governments from coast to coast. In the months that followed it has disrupted nearly every aspect of local business, operations, and daily life for governments and citizens.

As we emerge from this pandemic, we must consider four key aspects as the plans and decisions made by leaders as we role out plans will play a pivotal role in shaping a municipality’s focus, operations, and ability to position for long-term success.

The four key planning aspects are:


How the City of Winnipeg is able to respond to this crisis


We must manage through uncertainty


The city and local businesses must seize every opportunity including re-engineering our previous practices

New reality

Be adaptive to the new world towards creating additional resiliency.

Despite the lack of experience of all modern-day governments to navigate this COVID-19 disruption, Council was still able to provide core services and set an economic recovery vision while working in partnership and collaboration with stakeholders and other levels of government. We are far from the destination of resiliency and continuity that is needed to reduce the instability which has created hyper-inflation and move towards long-term successes that benefit all Winnipeggers.

Over the past four years, I have demonstrated leadership for the St. Norbert – Seine River Ward by working with residents in the ward as well as my council colleagues to provide economic stimulus programs to have immediate and positive impacts in our community.
Here are some of the achievements that I am particularly proud of, during my last four years on Council:

  • Secured $900,000 in funding for field conversion at St. Vital Mustangs Field;
  •  Secured $500,000 to increase the Active Transportation Trail at Kings Park;
  • Secured $250,000 for fitness equipment at John Forsyth Park;
  • Secured $100,000+ funding for various projects for Dakota Community
  • Centre, St. Norbert Community Centre and Silverstone Arena;
  • Secured $75,000 of funding to improve the baseball field at Highbury School;
  • Secured $50,000 of funding for new basketball and tennis courts at Dakota High School;
  • Secured $10,000 funding for new stage at Ecole St. Norbert Immersion;
  • Secured $15,000 funding for heating system at the St. Norbert Farmers market;
  • Secured $5,500 funding to upgrade basketball courts at St. Avila School;
  • Addition of lighted school crossing beacons at Highbury and Aldgate;
  • Addition of new kayak/canoe launch at La Barriere Park as well as funding for new facility bathrooms;
  • Addition of Pedestrian half signal at St. Anne’s Road and St. Vital Trail;


In addition to these projects, I have also worked with countless community groups, faith-based groups and community stakeholders to realize their projects through a commitment of funding or in-kind supports.


Recognizing not all projects are financially based, I have also worked with each of the neighbourhoods in the ward to plan and deliver Community Safety Forums in collaboration with the Winnipeg Police Service and the Bear Clan.

We are true to ourselves, and commit to always perform at our best.